Mathematical research data is vast, complex and multifaceted. It emerges within mathematical sciences but also in other scientific areas such as physics, chemistry, life sciences and the Arts. Standardised formats, data interoperability and application programming interfaces need to be developed to ensure the ease of use of data across broad disciplines.

With this in mind, the Mathematical Research Data Initiative (MaRDI) is being established as the consortia initiative of mathematical science. Its mission is to:

  1. develop a robust Mathematical Research Data Infrastructure that would be useful within mathematics and other disciplines as well as non-scientific fields.
  2. set standards and confirmable workflows for certified Mathematical Research Data and
  3. provide services to both the mathematical and wider scientific community.

All of which is essential in creating and establishing collaborative platforms crucial for knowledge dissemination, quality control and scientific discourse.

MaRDI’s Vision:
Building a community that embraces a FAIR data culture and research workflow through the sustainable realization of MaRDI findings.