What type of mathematican are you?

with respect to research data

We created this poster as a playful way for mathematicans to get into contact with research data management. Follow the flow chart and find out about your type. The poster is available for download, licensed under CC BY 4.0, which means you can use and modify the poster as long as you cite MaRDI. If you would like to have a printed copy of the poster, you can send an e-mail with your address to bacher@mardi4nfdi.de.

Displaying the poster at the DMV annual meeting 2023 in Ilmenau

In September 2023, we presented the poster at the MaRDI stall at the DMV annual meeting in Ilmenau. Visiting mathematicians were able to indicate their type by leaving marbles (MaRDIes) under the poster. Here are the results.

What types are common among our newsletter subscribers?

In our newsletter #6 we asked our subscribers what type the identify with. Among them most seem to be Guardians of the Data Vault.