Consortium Management

The overall management of MaRDI is the responsibility of the Weierstrass Institute for Applied Analysis and Stochastics (WIAS). Spokesperson of the consortium is Michael Hintermüller, director of the WIAS.

Prof. Dr. Michael Hintermüller

MaRDI Spokesperson


The operative management of the consortium is supervised by staff with scientific-technical and administrative tasks. These includes the conceptual development, coordination with consortium members and partners, budget management and the setting-up and maintaining of an appropriate web environment for information on MaRDI and its services.


Dr. Karsten Tabelow

MaRDI Concept Development


Dr. Thomas Koprucki

MaRDI Concept Development


Dr. Renita Danabalan

MaRDI Coordination / Project Management


Fei Zhu

MaRDI Financial Administration


Thomas Bender

MaRDI Design Lead