Among the MaRDI participants one finds a nationally as well as internationally widespread user community.

The European Mathematical Society (EMS)

The European Mathematical Society is the learned society for mathematicians throughout Europe. It promotes the development of all aspects of mathematics in Europe, in particular mathematical research, relations of mathematics to society, relations to European institutions, and mathematical education. The EMS has as its members around 60 national mathematical societies in Europe, 50 mathematical research centres and departments, and 3000 individuals. The purpose of the Society is to further the development of all aspects of mathematics in the countries of Europe. In particular, the Society aims to promote research in mathematics and its applications. It will assist and advise on problems of mathematical education. It concerns itself with the broader relation of mathematics to society. In short, it seeks to establish a sense of identity amongst European mathematicians. Created by and for the European mathematical community, the EMS is an effective intermediary between mathematicians and those in charge of politics and funds in Brussels.

Research Data Representative
Prof. Dr. Volker Mehrmann
+49 30 31425736


Gesellschaft für Angewandte Mathematik und Mechanik (GAMM)
Gesellschaft für Operations Research e.V. (GOR)

IMAGINARY is a non-profit organization for the communication of modern mathematics and current mathematical research to the general public. It creates and distributes interactive exhibits and formats (as images, 3D prints, hands-on exhibits, or interactive software) under open licenses and has conducted more than 460 outreach activities in 68 countries and 31 languages with several million visitors. Over the last decade, it has developed into a main reference for innovative and international knowledge transfer of mathematical research into the general public.

Research Data Representative
Dr. Andreas Daniel Matt
+49 30 24179643


Cluster of Excellence MATH+ - the Berlin Mathematics Research Center
Cluster of Excellence Data-integrated Simulation Science (SimTech)

The Cluster of Excellence EXC 2075 "Data-Integrated Simulation Science (SimTech)" is funded by the German Research Foundation and targets a new class of modeling and computational methods based on all the data, which is currently available from various sources, in order to take the usability and precision of the simulations as well as the reliability of the decisions based upon them to a whole new level. The Cluster is perfectly aligned with the University of Stuttgart’s thematic orientation envisioning "Intelligent Systems for a Sustainable Society", its methodological orientation of collaboration among complementary specialist disciplines, its organizational orientation striving for agility, and its quality and ethical principles focusing on diversity and responsibility.

Research Data Representative
N. N.


Cluster of Excellence STRUCTURES: A unifying approach to emergent phenomena in the physical world, mathematics, and complex data
Fraunhofer ICT Group
Bettina Eick (Technical University Braunschweig)
Michael Kohlhase (Friedrich-Alexander University Erlangen)