2022-11-24 - 11-25

Local Organizers
Lars Kastner (TU Berlin), Antony Della Vecchia (TU Berlin) 

The Mathematical Research Data Initiative MaRDI is a newly founded consortium with the goal to develop a robust Mathematical Research Data Infrastructure. In this workshop developers of both OSCAR and MATHREPO will meet with MaRDI to discuss the challenges posed by computer experiments in publications and mathematical data. We will discuss the precise needs, existing solutions, and ideas to go forward.


TU Berlin
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2022-11-09 – 11-11
MaRDI Annual Workshop 2022

Renita Danabalan, Thomas Koprucki, Fei Zhu (WIAS Berlin); Dorothea Iglezakis, Björn Schembera (Uni Stuttgart); Moritz Schubotz (FIZ Karlsruhe); Rainer Sinn (Uni Leipzig)

The MaRDI annual workshop, a hybrid event, is a chance for all of us who are working in MaRDI and those who are interested in MaRDI-related topics to meet, exchange ideas and get caught up on the latest happenings within the initiative.



WIAS Berlin, Erhard Schmidt Lecture Room
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2022-10-26 – 10-28
1st MaRDI Workshop on Scientific Computing

With an ever growing body of scientific knowledge and an explosion of data generated by computer-based experiments, the Findability, Accessibility, Interoperability and Reusability of research data (FAIR principles) become key factors for further scientific progress. In Scientific Computing, beyond the actual simulation data the developed numerical algorithms, their implementations, procedural data, and their metadata descriptions are central research data. Establishing the FAIR principles for this data is the aim of the Task Area 'Scientific Computing' (TA2) within the German Mathematical Research Data Initiative MaRDI.

With this first MaRDI Workshop on Scientific Computing, we want to bring together researchers from the Scientific Computing community and related disciplines who are interested in the FAIRness of their research data. Apart from presentations on the current MaRDI projects and selected keynote talks, birds-of-a-feather sessions will leave room for discussions and hands-on tutorials. Further, we invite participants to contribute talks related to the following topics:

  • Knowledge graphs and ontologies
  • Software Interfaces
  • Benchmarks
  • Formal workflow descriptions
  • Software distribution and archival
  • Reproduction of numerical experiments
  • Research data management

Participants are encouraged to present work in progress, open problems or report on personal experiences.

Abstract submission will open soon.



WWU Münster, Mathematics Conference Centre
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2022-09-20 – 09-21
MaRDI Workshop on Digital Humanities and Math

Research questions developed using digital methods in philosophy, as well as the humanities, cultural studies and history are complex. The approach to answering the questions often requires careful planning of the research process, including the selection of objects to be studied. At various levels (propositional logic, experimental design, pattern recognition, graph theory), the planning and execution tangentially involve topics that can also be located in modern mathematics. It is therefore important to find a form of communication with mathematics that allows non-mathematicians to identify the useful tools of mathematics.
The laboratory DIHMA.LAB "Digital Humanities meet Mathematics" of the ADA Lovelace Center for Digital Humanities at the FU Berlin invites together with MaRDI, the Research Data Initiative of Mathematics, to a workshop in Berlin.

The first workshop in this constellation will primarily serve to get to know each other, to network, and to identify interfaces. The starting point should be what the disciplines would call their own "research data" and how they want to "deal" with it.

We assume that the participants from the (digital) humanities and the participants from mathematics will enter this workshop with certain expectations of the other discipline. Therefore, an exchange on a scientific, practical-technical and research-cultural level is aimed at questioning expectations and creating (also technical) interfaces for an efficient collaboration.


FU Berlin, Henry-Ford-Bau
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2021-11-02 – 11-04
MaRDI Kick-Off Workshop

Scientific Organizers
Ilka Agricola (MaRDI Co-Spokesperson, DMV), Michael Hintermüller (MaRDI Spokesperson, WIAS), Rainer Sinn (MaRDI Co-Spokesperson, Uni Leipzig)

The Mathematical Research Data Initiative (MaRDI) sets standards for certified mathematical research data and for the design of confirmable workflows, and it provides services for the scientific community. The designated goal is to realize the FAIR Data Principles across the entire field of mathematics and its applications.

FAIR means Findable, Accessible, Interoperable & Re-usable.

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MPI for Mathematics in the Sciences (MPI MIS)
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